Binnie Kristal-Andersson

Department of Psychology, University of Lund (2000)

In recent years, awareness has grown of the necessity of understanding the inner world of refugees (in particular traumatized refugees), immigrants, and their children. These groups have come in increasing numbers to Scandinavia, and otherwise confident and capable professionals in all arenas of mental health, social work and other fields have often felt inadequate when working with them.

After many years of clinical and supervisory work, Kristal-Andersson realized that there was an acute need for a treatment model that considers the specific psychology of these groups. In her view, specialized process-related training in psychotherapy and its related fields, and also in support work, is necessary to obtain psychological understanding of their difficulties, and also to build up the knowledge, insight and confidence of professionals and others in working with them. Formulating a framework and organizing a specialist form of education for various categories of professionals have been the principal goals of her research work and this subsequent doctoral dissertation. The relevance of the framework (part I of the dissertation) is evaluated through experiences of a course of practical training based upon it (part II).