Debra Myhill
Debra Myhill

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The presentation will show how explicit teaching of grammar in the context of reading and writing can improve students' literacy. The pedagogical approaches surfaces the grammar-meaning relationship and highlights grammar as choice, and an important part of the repertoire of possibilities available when creating text.

Om presentatören

Debra Myhill is Professor of Education, University of Exeter. Her interests are in the teaching and research of language and literacy.  She’s the Director of the Centre for Research in Writing and her commitment is to the bringing together of teaching, teacher education and research so that children and young people's experience of learning to be literate enables them to be confident, articulate citizens of the future, able to use language and literature for personal fulfilment and economic well-being.

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Nyckelord: allmän litteracitetsutveckling, skrivutveckling, grammatikundervisning, funktionell grammatik, språk- och kunskapsutvecklande arbetssätt