Classroom-based evaluation in second language education

Fred Genesee och John A. Upshur

Cambridge University Press, 1996

This book is very useful for classroom EFL teachers. Its purpose is to inform teachers of the 'how' of ongoing and summative classroom assessment. The authors squarely base this practically oriented book in the classroom. They mostly discuss techniques for collecting and assessing information that can be used for evaluating and assessing students. It also considers evaluating instructional effectiveness, so many of the techniques are also appropriate for classroom-based research. The term 'evaluation' in the title does not simply refer to course evaluations.

The book is extremely easy to read. The authors avoid technical expressions as far as possible without oversimplifying. The book is written in the first- and secondperson, so the tone is friendly. Very clear graphs and diagrams help the reader conceptualize and integrate the ideas from the book.

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