The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language at Stockholm University is a national resource and development centre, commissioned by the Swedish government (SFS 2007:1475).

Its area of responsibility is limited to the area of Swedish as a second language and includes all school levels from preschool to adult education.

The principal aims
of The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language are to...

  • serve as a link between researchers, educators and society at large
  •  clarify the significance and role of the subject 'Swedish as a second language' in teacher training as well as in social and working life
  • advocate the implementation of a curricula for 'Swedish as a second language'
  • spread knowledge and awareness of the special learning processes involved in acquiring a second language
  • endorse teaching methods which support linguistic and cognitive development
  • stimulate discussions on teaching media and keep up with developments in the area of educational material initiate discussion concerning intercultural issues

The National Centre for Swedish as a Second Language...

  • organizes seminars for educators and researchers where topics of immediate interest may be actualized
  • takes initiative in the development of networks around important issues at all educational levels
  • organizes recurrent symposiums
  • accepts commissions from public authorities, municipalities and organizations
  • spreads information through a web site, publications and personal contacts