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The LELEBE project was funded as a response to the low achievement results of those L2 learners in Germany that were placed in literacy courses due to their need of developing writing and reading skills in German. The project was a joint effort of the university, adult education schools, and local authorities in Leipzig and provided one-on-one counseling for up to 15 weeks for interested learners on a voluntary basis. The LELEBE team developed, implemented and thereby improved a learner-oriented counseling concept that included goal-setting, identification of resources for the learning process, reflection of learning styles and learning strategies as well as self-evaluation. Diagnostic materials and strategy posters were provided not only in German, but also in Turkish, Arabic and partly Kurmanci. Using sample materials from this project, my presentation is to provide insights into the German curriculum for L2 literacy classes, into the theoretical foundation of the LELEBE concept as well as into practical procedures of learner counseling.

About the presenter

Dr. Karen Schramm, Professor of German as a Foreign Language at Vienna University (Institute of German Language and Literature), Austria, since 2014. Professor of German as a Foreign Language at Leipzig University (Herder-Institute), Germany, from 2007 to 2014. Long-term teaching positions in South Korea (1998-2001) and the United States (2002-2004). Main research interests: L2 literacy, foreign language curriculum development, qualitative research methods.

Selected Publications

  • Markov, Stefan; Scheithauer, Christiane & Schramm, Karen (2015). Lernberatung für Teilnehmende in DaZ-Alphabetisierungskursen. Handreichung für Lernberatende und Lehrkräfte. Münster / New York: Waxmann-Verlag.
  • Feick, Diana; Pietzuch, Anja & Schramm, Karen (Hrsg.) (2013). Alphabetisierung für Erwachsene. München u.a.: Langenscheidt.
  • Roll, Heike & Schramm, Karen (Hrsg.) (2010). Alphabetisierung in der Zweitsprache Deutsch. [Osnabrücker Beiträge zur Sprachtheorie, 77]. Duisburg: Gilles & Francke.
  • Schramm, Karen & Feick, Diana (2011). Video-based teacher education material for German-as-a-second-language literacy teachers. In: Schöneberger, Christiane; van de Craats, Ineke & Kurvers, Jeanne (eds.), Low-educated adult second language and literacy acquisition (89–102). Nijmegen: Centre for Language Studies.


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