Translanguaging is an important pedagogical tool for teachers of linguistically diverse students. Not only does it enable educators to assess what their students know and can do; it also draws on and fosters students' dynamic bilingualism. This presentation connects translanguaging theories to the diverse classroom contexts that are increasingly common in education today. After outlining various purposes and benefits of a translanguaging pedagogy and providing supporting examples from schools and classrooms in New York City, the presentation will focus in on the challenges and opportunities for teachers in super diverse contexts, whose language practices often do not match those of their students. Using in-depth examples from several classrooms, participants will see how translanguaging can be used by all educators, no matter their linguistic background, and by all students, no matter how diverse their language practices may be. The presentation will conclude with ideas and examples of how teachers can take up a translanguaging stance together and collaborate to enrich the education of all emergent bilingual students.

About the presenter

Kate Seltzer is a doctoral student in urban education at the Graduate Center CUNY (the City University of New York). Her interests are translanguaging, school-based language policies, critical literacies, and social-justice education. In addition to her studies, Kate is a research assistant with the New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals, a research project under the leadership of Ricardo Otheguy, Ofelia Garcia, and Kate Menken. She is also an adjunct lecturer in the bilingual/TESOL department at City College. She is the co-author of Translanguaging: A CUNY-NYSIEB Guide for Educators (.pdf) and several forthcoming publications on the use of translanguaging, including a book with Ofelia Garcia and Susana Ibarra-Johnson.


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